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Thanks for visiting the MSU Academic Service-Learning (ASL) Blog.  Here you’ll find a variety of resources designed to help Minnesota State University faculty and community agencies create service-learning partnerships.  This site is jointly administered by Minnesota State’s Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning and Community Engagement Office.

  • What are the key features of this site? There are three:  1) Categories–look to the top left and you will see something called “Categories.”  The content here comes entirely from user posts–agencies requesting partners, faculty letting agencies know they have a class willing to serve and learn, etc., 2) Fixed Pages–Directly above you will see a series of pages with topics such as ASL Definition and Expectations and Assessment Forms.  The content in the fixed pages above comes from the site’s administrators (though input is encouraged), and 3) Discussion–Near the fixed pages, you’ll find a place where you can post comments and questions about ASL.
  • How can I post to this site? Simply go to the “Leave a Reply” box found at the bottom of this Welcome page and enter your post.  You may be a community agency hoping to get help designing your website or a faculty member hoping her students can learn course material by helping an agency find grant resources or an agency wanting to share a quick ASL success story.  All you have to do is post your entry below–we’ll take it from there.
  • What will happen to my post? First, the administrators of this site will place your post in the appropriate category on the left-hand side of this blog.  From here, we will do our best to ensure your post is read by as many people as possible.
  • How should I write a post? Click here for sample posts.
  • If I post looking for a service-learning partner, am I  guaranteed a service-learning match? No, we’ll do the best we can, but this site is simply designed to be one tool helping connect community and campus.
  • How can I subscribe to this blog and what does this mean? You can subscribe by clicking the RSS icon on the top right side of this page.  Subscribing to a blog is described here.
  • Who should I contact to ask questions in person? The primary contact for community agencies is Marilyn Lott, Assistant Director for Community Engagement (389-5746; marilyn.lott@mnsu.edu); the primary contact for faculty is Stewart Ross, Director, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (389-7431; stewart.ross@mnsu.edu).

We value your contributions to this site.  If you have an academic service-learning success story, please describe it in the “Leave a Reply” box below–we’ll then post it in the story category above.  If you have a tool or strategy that works well for you, please tell us about it below, and we’ll place it in the tips category.  In short, this site cannot be a success without your input–don’t be shy.

Thanks…and best of luck in all your service-learning endeavors.


One Response to “Welcome…”

  1. msuservicelearning Says:

    From: Hoffner, Melodee Anne
    Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 1:36 PM
    Subject: Request for community collaboration project

    My name Mel Hoffner and I serve on Blue Earth County Department of Human Services Social Services Task Force committee. We oversee the children’s services in Blue Earth County such as foster care, child protective services, child care, etc. There is a family room at the Blue Earth Government Center in need of a serious update. The room is used primarily by child protection staff as a place where supervised visits occur between children who are in placement and their parents or other relatives. In these situations, there are safety or other concerns present so the children and parents meet in a safe and neutral place where staff is present to intervene if necessary.

    Currently the items (toys, couch, games, books, etc) in the room are pretty worn out, broken and missing parts. Because of limits in public funds, used toys that make their way to the room are often donated by staff. Having an opportunity to discard some of these items and replace them with newer toys, complete sets of a game or activities, newer furniture, etc. would greatly be appreciated. Children who typically use the toys and other items in the room range from 0-10 in age.

    Our committee is looking to collaborate with community/university folks to update the family room. We are looking to replace toys (prefer washable), books, couch, rocking chair, cash donations, puzzles, board games or activities that the parents and children can do together. Our goal is to have the family room updated by mid February of 2010(although anytime before or after then would be great). We were wondering if any organizations would be interested in helping us achieve this goal? If you have any questions or interest please feel free to contact me at my home number 257-2136 or my email (melodee.hoffner@mnsu.edu). I would be happy to answer any questions or meet with your members anytime. Thank you for the consideration and we looking forward to hearing back from you.


    Mel Hoffner

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